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Tips for Deer Hunting during the Rut

The “rut” – when deer are mating – is an optimal time to bag a buck, since bucks are more active during the daytime hours. Mike Hanback of Petersen’s Hunting magazine did a ton of research, and determined the 10 best days for hunting during the rut, based on a variety of factors.

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Mid-October is the start of the rut in the northern two-thirds of North America, with excellent hunting conditions continuing into November. (The timing of the rut is more unpredictable in the South, since that can vary depending on how mild the winter is that year.)

Beyond talking about the 10 best days for hunting in the rut in Northern states, Petersen’s Hunting story offers a number of solid tips for hunting during the rut, such as:

  1. Cooler weather is optimal, but don’t let warmer weather keep you out of the woods.
  2. An excellent spot for your deer stand can be at or near where an overgrown pasture and a crop field merge. Bucks will run through the area, rubbing and scraping as they make their way.
  3. Certainly, having a grunt call ready and on hand is helpful, but being ready to take the shot at the exact right time can make all the difference.
  4. Consider the hunting pressure in popular areas as you determine where to hunt during the rut. It can definitely be worth the time to find a less-frequented area that still offers what bucks are looking for – food sources, water, and of course, does.

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