Our PotlatchDeltic buying experience is important to us and we dedicate the time and resources to personally address each client’s needs and exceed their expectations. We are proud of our commitment to our clients and delivering the highest level of service available.

We appreciate the buyers who took the time to share a “pat on the back” and tell us how our people helped exceed their expectations. Take a read and see what they had to say. Then, contact us so we can help you find your dream property.

Kirstin Darry [Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties, a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker] and Ben Ballard [PotlatchDeltic] were awesome to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone without reservation. Kirsten spent 2-4 hours each walking our land with us (all four couples) prior to purchase to make sure that we had any and all questions answered. Short of paying less for the land, I can't possibly imagine a better experience!

Ralph S. | Idaho Buyer, 4/9/22

Kirstin Darry [Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties, a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker] was tremendous in her efforts and willingness to accommodate us in our search without getting in touch with much notice at all. She was beyond helpful. I’d hire her in a minute!!

Bob T. | Idaho Buyer, 8/18/21

Kirstin Darry [Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties, a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker] has been an invaluable help in the process of buying our land and she has continued to help us with selling our house. She has been very involved with every step and continually checks with us to make sure the sale of our home and the process of developing our land is staying on track. Kirstin has given us references and information on the contractors and tradesmen in our area. My husband and I fell that she has changed from being just our broker to our friend. PotlatchDeltic is very lucky to have employed Kirstin. She is a great asset to your company.

Luci S. | Idaho Buyer, 7/14/21

Earl Musick [United Country - Musick & Sons, a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broekr] was awesome. Super helpful!

Scott M. | Idaho Buyer, 4/10/21

'Pat On The Back', excellent job... thanks, Scott [Corley, PotlatchDeltic]!

Eugene T. | Arkansas Buyer, 3/15/21

Cole Westbrook from Davis DuBose Knight Forestry & Real Estate [a PotlatchDetic Preferred Broker] was very professional to work with.

Randy M. | Arkansas buyer, 12/18/20

Teresa Swint [PotlatchDeltic] was great!

James H. | Mississippi Buyer, 11/24/20

Ben [Ballard, PotlatchDeltic] made the purchase transaction very easy. Thank you, Ben!

Ryan W. | Idaho Buyer, 11/23/20

Brett Anderson (Close Converse, a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker) was very, very helpful, nice, and professional.

Julie N. | Minnesota Buyer, 8/20/20

Ben [Ballard, of PotlatchDeltic] was very helpful and friendly to work with.

Brock H. | Idaho Buyer, 6/30/20

Mark Bice and Theresa Swint have been great to deal with and are a huge asset to PotlatchDeltic. Mark and Theresa, thank you so much!

John C. | Mississippi Buyer, 6/25/20

Brett Anderson (Realtor at Close Converse, a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker) was excellent to work with. I never got to actually meet him in person due to COVID-19 issues but he was very informative and helpful.

Emily P. | Minnesota Buyer, 4/15/20

PotlatchDeltic and their associates were a pleasure to work with.

Carrie N. | Idaho Buyer, 12/27/19

Your team did a good job, even with some unexpected things that came up during the [process]. Job well done!

David B. | Idaho Buyer, 1/25/19

I was very happy with the quick response and friendly demeanor of your [broker]. Plus, your local forester responded quickly. Great experience overall!

Charles K. | Minnesota Buyer, 1/16/19

Ben Ballard was just amazing to work with, very responsive and east to contact!

Janie H. | Idaho Buyer, 12/3/18

PotlatchDeltic employees went over and above!

Howard H. | Minnesota Buyer, 4/25/18

I can’t imagine it going smoother than it did. Thanks!

Jordan B. | Minnesota Buyer, 3/8/18

Everyone did a very, very good job on the price, and made it very easy to buy. I just want to say “thank you very much”!

John B. | Minnesota Buyer, 4/12/17

Jody Osterloh (from Close~Converse) was great – everything went smoothly!

Tim & Mindy S. | Minnesota Buyer, 12/14/16

Mark Bice was exceptionally helpful throughout the entire process!

Alvin W. | Mississippi Buyer, 12/13/16

Jody and Rod were both great – Tanya as well. [Thank you Close~Converse!]

Scott N. | Minnesota Buyer, 10/12/16

I have purchased a number of acreages from PotlatchDeltic over the years and have never been disappointed. To be able to purchase a property adjacent to our current home and acreage, and one that I was able to lease for many years, preserves a legacy and many good memories for my kids and grandkids.

James D. | Minnesota Buyer, 9/14/16

PotlatchDeltic real estate team was thorough, knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish. And, PotlatchDeltic’s [broker], Natalie Cowart? [She] is simply one of the best in the business!

David P. | Minnesota Buyer, 8/30/16

Everybody involved did a good job and they were always quick to respond back.

Doug M. | Minnesota Buyer, 7/29/16

Having leased PotlatchDeltic land for many years and now during purchasing, all of the PotlatchDeltic employees I’ve dealt with have been great, [easy to work with] and very responsive.

Chris H. | Minnesota Buyer, 5/11/16

This was a great experience! Everyone we dealt with was quick to respond and very professional. Thanks!

Joe F. | Minnesota Buyer, 3/9/16

Can't think of anything [that PotlatchDeltic could've done to improve my buying experience]!

Charles P. | Arkansas Buyer, 2/24/16

Jody Osterloh was fantastic to deal with without Jody we wouldn't have purchased this property. Deb Kline at First American Title made the process of purchasing this property a breeze. Thanks to both of these women.

Jeff L. | Minnesota Buyer, 1/13/16

Jim Lemieux and Ben Ballard provided excellent service throughout this process. Their guidance and expertise were much appreciated.

John V. | Idaho Buyer, 12/23/15

Everything was good! Thanks.

Jon S. | Minnesota Buyer, 12/22/15

The Idaho Team were all exceptionally helpful to my legal and real estate team. Without them we would not have been able to work as well with Boise County!

David S. | Idaho Buyer, 12/19/15

Jim Lemieux was helpful and professional!

David S. | Idaho Buyer, 11/17/15

The PotlatchDeltic people were very helpful in our experience. We are thankful that they were willing to help us with any questions we had.

Pat & Linda A. | Idaho Buyer, 9/20/15

Everything was handled. Can’t think of anything that could have went better.

Randy G. | Minnesota Buyer, 9/15/15

Was very pleased with all of the people who helped with my transaction...from Spokane to Ed in Minnesota and Rod at Close~Converse.

Karen S. | Minnesota Buyer, 9/9/15

Jody Osterloh at Close~Converse was friendly and extremely pleasant to work with.

Logan M. | Minnesota Buyer, 8/19/15

The fast close was very nice.

Joel S. | Minnesota Buyer, 7/16/15

This was a great example of good real estate. It took everyone's cooperation to do this the right way. I appreciate all your help. My clients are happy and look forward to many years of enjoyment on the property.

Joe A. | Idaho Buyer’s agent , 7/1/15

Everyone we worked with was awesome! A very pleasant experience!

Bruce M. | Minnesota Buyer, 6/13/15

Pete Prutzman of Kingwood Forestry was very good to work with.

James M. | Arkansas Buyer, 5/29/15

Jody Osterloh with Close~Converse in Minnesota is an honest person. Though my interaction with Jody was limited during the process of buying three PotlatchDeltic properties, my direct and indirect experience with her was very good.

David D. | Minnesota Buyer, 2/6/15

Jim Lemieux was excellent throughout this whole process and worked with us through all of our questions and concerns.

Kelly M. | Idaho Buyer, 1/5/15

Patsy Thornton at PotlatchDeltic was very nice to us, always kind and helpful when we talked to her.

Carolyn F. | Arkansas Buyer, 12/30/14

We [had] been leasing the land, [were] contacted that it would be up for sale. It was nice to get a feel for what [it] was going for. It was a very pleasant experience.

James O. | Minnesota Buyer, 11/24/14

We were very pleased with the speed and professionalism of PotlatchDeltic in the purchase process. We were very pleased with the way the website was organized.

Curtis H. | Minnesota Buyer, 11/17/14

The process is very simple, realtors [brokers] and closing agents are very easy to work with. No guesswork needed.

Mike H. | Minnesota Buyer, 11/17/14

Ed Patrias and others at the Bemidji, MN office went out of their way to establish easement to access the property.

Tom V. | Minnesota Buyer, 11/7/14

Ryan Hanson (broker) was very helpful in answering all my questions. Enjoyed working with him!