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News. Trends. Helpful tips. Personal stories. If it’s about the recreational lifestyle – hunting, fishing, camping – anything outdoors, we’ll share it. Have a story to share with us? Recently purchased a PotlatchDeltic property? Just bagged the buck that you’ve been watching all season? We’d love to share your stories too. Email us

Buying the Right Hunting Rifle

PICKING THE RIGHT RIFLE WILL HELP YOU GET RESULTS THIS DEER SEASON As hunters get ready to go into the woods this fall, it’s a good time to think about what type of rifle is best for you. The Realtree website offers some solid tips designed for those new to hunting, though they may be… more Buying the Right Hunting Rifle

Hunting on a smaller tract? Here’s 5 helpful tips.

When it comes to owning a quality hunting property, bigger isn’t automatically better. Indeed, even if your recreational land tract is relatively small, there are ways to maximize your hunting experience. Here are five tips that can be helpful for hunters who own smaller properties, with the help of writer Huston Martin on the Grand… more Hunting on a smaller tract? Here’s 5 helpful tips.

Tips for Deer Hunting during the Rut

The “rut” – when deer are mating – is an optimal time to bag a buck, since bucks are more active during the daytime hours. Mike Hanback of Petersen’s Hunting magazine did a ton of research, and determined the 10 best days for hunting during the rut, based on a variety of factors. Mid-October is… more Tips for Deer Hunting during the Rut

Not Too Early to Get Ready for Fall Hunting

It may be the dead of summer, but for Shawn Sunnarborg and other avid deer hunters, it isn’t too soon to start getting ready for the fall hunting season. Shawn, Lake States Real Estate Manager for PotlatchDeltic, has had a hunting camp with his brothers and some friends for years near his home in the… more Not Too Early to Get Ready for Fall Hunting

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