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New to Hunting and the Outdoors? Tips to help you get started!

For those of you who are new to hunting, it can seem a bit overwhelming, whether it’s knowing what gear to buy, where to take your first hunting trip, or how to get advice.

Tom Claycomb, an outdoors writer for the Idaho State Journal and a number of other media outlets, recently offered some thoughts that can be of help in sorting everything out.

For first-time hunters, he emphasizes that there’s nothing more important than gun safety. Take the time to learn how to handle a firearm correctly and establish a rule with your companions that anyone is encouraged to speak up if spotting an unsafe practice.

As for getting assistance with learning how to hunt and what equipment to get, having knowledgeable friends to tag along with is a huge help. In addition to that, there are tons of online videos available for everything from how to evaluate a property for hunting potential to tips for what to wear in different kinds of weather.

Also, once the pandemic is over, consider going to a hunting show in your area, which will probably include educational seminars about all things related to hunting. And while many of these shows are currently being held virtually, the information passed along can still be quite helpful.

And finally, think about logistics. If having a property near the best hunting areas in your state means less travel time, you may want to think about buying recreational land that you could use for a home base, whether you are camping on the property or building a cabin there. Then, you’re able to take advantage of all that’s close to your property, which in some cases may be public lands that offer quality hunting opportunities.

PotlatchDeltic has numerous recreational properties for sale in Alabama, Idaho, Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Mississippi. The experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you find a property and think of resources for revving up your outdoor life and hunting activities. Contact one of our experts today, so you can use your property this spring and summer.

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