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Hunting on a smaller tract? Here’s 5 helpful tips.

When it comes to owning a quality hunting property, bigger isn’t automatically better. Indeed, even if your recreational land tract is relatively small, there are ways to maximize your hunting experience.

Here are five tips that can be helpful for hunters who own smaller properties, with the help of writer Huston Martin on the Grand View Outdoors website. Martin owns 60 acres in an extremely popular hunting area, but has found ways to still take quality deer on his property.

  1. Where allowed, having quality food plots will help keep quality wildlife on your property, instead of just watching deer leave for your neighbor’s tract. This strategy, which is popular in Southern states, requires planning and care, but the payoff can be significant.
  2. Create a buffer between your food plot and your neighbor’s property. If you are planning a food plot, don’t plant it near the property line, and use trees and thick cover as part of your own private hunting sanctuary.
  3. Box blinds can help you watch deer without being detected, even on a smaller property. They are also a good way to keep dry and warm in inclement weather.
  4. Be careful to make sure there aren’t too many people hunting on your property at once.
  5. Think about what’s near the property you are thinking of buying, remembering that you are buying a home base for your hunting activities and that not all your excursions need to be on your own property if nearby properties are accessible to you.

PotlatchDeltic sells recreational properties of all shapes and sizes, and the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you find a tract that will fit your hunting needs. Contact one of our brokers to get the process started.

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