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Looking for some affordable “dream hunts”?

Two “Dream Hunts” are in Idaho!

In addition to their usual trips, many hunters like to plan ahead and budget for occasional “dream hunts” in special locations.

If you’ve thought about taking such a trip, Field & Stream has a list of 20 affordable “dream hunts” to consider, with some details and estimated prices.

We were excited to see that two of the 20 hunts are in Idaho, where PotlatchDeltic offers a wide selection of recreational properties!

The two hunts:

  • Black bear hunting in the Rockies, with bears out in the open from April to June, “munching on the green grass they need to flush their systems after hibernation.”
  • Mountain lion hunts in Idaho and Colorado, with the optimal time being late in the winter after a fresh snow. “And plan on bringing the meat home – it tastes just like pork.”

All the states where PotlatchDeltic sells properties have special hunting locations of one sort or another, and one of our Preferred Brokers can set you up with a property within reach of them. Call or e-mail one of our brokers today to start the process, so you have a base for your own “dream trips” in 2018.

Discover other affordable dream hunts…click now!

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