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Exclusive Campsite Leases – Bidding opens 2/4/19!



PotlatchDeltic will begin offering exclusive campsite leases in selected areas of North Idaho. The three areas selected for the initial rollout are Gold Center Creek, east of Clarkia, The Dredges on the Palouse River, and Scofield/Washington Creeks, east of Headquarters.

Why lease?? 

  • You can guarantee your campsite NOW. No need to make plans only to find out your campsite site is already taken when you get there!
  • Each campsite is exclusively leased to the leaseholder, so there will be no need to secure the site as soon as access allows each spring.
  • Want to enjoy your campsite throughout the season and lock up your camping equipment on site?  No problem!

Bidding for Campsite Leases Starts on February 4, 2019 so visit with us online and see what’s available so you’ll be ready to submit your bid.





    • Good morning William and thanks for your question! Every year, we offer hundreds of acres for recreational use/lease in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi and Minnesota. Available leases are posted on our leasing website – – which would be the best place to get started. Please have a look there and if you need more information, you’ll find a phone # and email where you can send lease-specific questions. In case you’re not monitoring this response, we’ll also send you an email. Happy hunting!

    • Hi Robert and thanks for your question about hunting land near Pierce, Idaho. Not sure if your interest is leasing or purchase – but PotlatchDeltic offers several options.

      We have a Campsite Leasing Program that may have campsites near where you’d like to hunt. Currently, there are 34 campsites available for lease in Latah, Clearwater, and Shoshone Counties. • More information, including photos and video, are available at: They can be leased for the posted “buy it now” price and the campsites are available for use from April 10th through December 10th, 2020.

      Since you’re interested in hunting leases near Pierce, Idaho, you can also see recreational properties available for lease online – visit Once you get there, you’ll see “Search Properties” in the main navigation – click on that and choose VIEW ON MAP. There, you can zoom in on the area/state you’re interested in and see all currently available leases. The inventory varies by season and only currently available leases will be showing. So, if you do not find something now in the area you’re interested in, please check back next season for new leases.

      And, if your hunt for recreational property changes from a leasing interest to a buying interest, you can start your hunt at Feel free to reach out directly to one of our Idaho Preferred Brokers or we’d be happy to make an introduction for you – just email us at, or reply to this post and I’ll be happy to connect you.

      To make sure you get this reply, we’ll also send you an email. And, if we can direct you further or provide any additional information, please let us know.
      Happy hunting!

      Happy hunting!

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