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With deer season underway, keep these 5 things in mind


If you are deer hunting out in the woods this fall, it might seem that there are more hunters around than ever, making it tougher to have your special spots to yourself. In turn, that can make it harder to find success.

An interesting blog post on the Wired to Hunt website by Dylan Tramp offers five habits to incorporate into your routine. Of course, some tie into the need to plan ahead of your hunts, but just as important, several relate to the need for a positive mindset:

  1. Think differently from the norm. Find spots on public land that aren’t crowded, and consider going to smaller tracts, knowing that fewer hunters will be attracted to those.
  2. Lighten up. (This is supposed to fun, after all.) Don’t let your obsession with hunting negatively impact your personal relationships and make your excursions less fun. By making sure you balance your passion for hunting with the rest of your life, you can go into the woods with no guilt.
  3. Be efficient as you prepare for your hunts. Time can be short for planning, so think about methods like e-scouting to make every minute of prep time count.
  4. Be consistent. Take the time to shoot on a regular basis and to make sure your equipment is ready to go.
  5. Focus on what you can control – your attitude. As the post says, hunting is a bit like golf – forget about a bad shot right away and focus on the next one.

At PotlatchDeltic, we love to share best practices and helpful information about hunting, knowing that it’s one of many great outdoor activities people can enjoy with friends and family. We specialize in selling rural recreational properties that are often close to prime hunting spots.

PotlatchDeltic owns properties in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. Contact us to find out how you can have your own recreational property for your next hunt.


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