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This Winter Leave the Stand and “Still Hunt”

As fall turns to winter, it gets more and more difficult for deer hunters to find bucks. So why would it make sense to sit in a deer stand all day, hoping the deer come to you?

Instead, it’s often a good idea to “still hunt” – slowly and quietly walking the woods to find spots where the deer are, whether they are feeding early in the day or bedding down later on.

This approach requires patience and skill. A blog on the Bone Collector website gives some good tips for hunters who want to “still hunt” this winter. Here are some of them:

  • Move into the wind. Even if you stay in the shadows and are extremely quiet, deer could still get your scent if you aren’t careful.
  • Bad weather, such as rain or snow, can actually be a positive, making it tougher for wildlife to spot you.
  • Set your GPS to flag your vehicle’s location, then don’t worry about where your hunt takes you, knowing you’ll be able to find your way back.
  • Make every movement slowly, whether it’s pulling up your binoculars or getting out some equipment you need.
  • Travel light to allow maximum movement, knowing you’ll be keeping warm by being on the move.
  • Stay alert at all times. When you are walking deep in the woods, you may turn a corner at any time and be in a high-target spot.

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