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Predicting the Deer Rut in the South can be Tricky

If you’re a deer hunter in Mississippi or Alabama and planning your hunting trips for next winter, you may wonder how to know when the all-important rut will occur – that wonderful time when bucks are on the move in areas where does are bedding down.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple, because of the nature of the deer rut in this part of the South.

“It’s often called the ‘trickle rut’ around much of the South, because there usually isn’t a short span of time for the rut like there is further north, where cold weather is more of a factor,” says Scott Lindsey of United Country Gibson Realty & Land Co. in Mississippi, a member of the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network.

The weather is one of many factors that contribute to the unpredictable nature of the rut in the South, writes Jeremy Flinn in a story on the Deer & Deer Hunting website. Another factor: deer were brought into Mississippi from other parts of the country in the early 1900s to repopulate herds in the state, creating an extremely diverse deer population.

Unlike in the North, when it’s easier to identify several critical weeks to be out in the woods during the rut, figuring out when the rut will occur in South takes developing deeper knowledge about the habits of deer in your favorite hunting spots.

“It’s important to build your own database of information, with the help of good note-taking and trail cameras,” says Jonathan Goode, a Potlatch Preferred Broker with Southeastern Land Group who handles Potlatch recreational sales in Alabama. “There is no substitute for spending the time necessary to understand the habits and quirks of the wildlife in a particular area.”

Of course, it’s easier to have access for this kind of research when you own your own hunting property, or own a tract near public land that is available to deer hunters. Now is a good time to purchase a property, set up cameras and start to understand the habits of the wildlife in an area you can call your own.

“It’s smart to buy a recreational property in Mississippi or Alabama as a base for your deer hunting in the spring or summer, giving you plenty of time to be set up for the following winter,” Lindsey says. “Planning food plots, setting up tree stands, learning the area – all this takes time, so you want to own a property ahead of time.”

To get started, contact Scott Lindsey, Jonathan Goode or any of the experts in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network. They know recreational property and they know deer hunting. With that knowledge – tied to deep experience in helping land buyers – they will help you find a property that provides you and your family deer hunting memories for a lifetime.

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