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Potlatch Earns Real Estate Merit Badge

In an inventive pair of transactions, Potlatch recently sold a tract of land to the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts in Clearwater County, Idaho after buying another, more remote property from the group. The result: a more convenient home base for camping for the Scouts.

The Scouts previously owned a 30-acre property four hours from the town of Orofino, which was too far from town and too hard to get to, especially in the winter. Potlatch real estate manager Jim Lemieux helped the Scouts come up with a novel idea.

First, Potlatch bought the remote 30-acre tract from the Scouts, which made sense since it is very close to other property that’s owned and managed by Potlatch. Then, the Scouts put the proceeds of that sale towards the purchase of a 238-acre Potlatch tract much closer to Orofino.

The Scouts held an open house on March 11ID_Boy Scout Dedication to celebrate the acquisition of the property, which will be developed for hiking and camping.

“We were thrilled to help the Scouts solve their property challenge,” Lemieux said. “The Scouts now have the perfect location closer to town for their outdoor activities, and Potlatch gained a timber-producing property and additional access to nearby properties. All in all, this was a win for everyone.”

The Potlatch team is committed to helping you make an informed buying decision and finding inventive solutions to your land buying challenges, if and as needed. They strive to meet and exceed their buyers’ needs and expectations in the search for the perfect recreational property.

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