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How to have your BEST turkey hunting season…ever!

Much like deer hunting, successful turkey hunting requires planning and some smart, quick decision-making.

As turkey seasons get underway around the country, a recent Field & Stream blog is worth checking out for a number of quality tips for your fall hunt, such as:

  1. A decoy isn’t essential. If you set up in the right location, such as near the crest of a hill, a turkey will come over the ridge looking for a hen, and you’ll be in business. But if you do decide to use a decoy, take the time to spend money for quality ones – a number of good inflatable decoys are on the market.
  2. Spend several days scouting if you don’t know the area already. And if you come up on a flock of turkeys, stay on them – that beats the heck out of waiting for another flock to show up.
  3. Hunting with a buddy often means you can bag two turkeys instead of one. If turkeys come to you in twos or threes, designate in advance who will shoot first, with the second shooter being ready to act quickly after the first shot.
  4. Patience is everything. In some cases, you may watch the same turkey all day, learning his movements and being ready for the perfect time to take your shot. The time invested will be worth it.

As you plan your fall and spring hunts, it’s also a good time to think about buying a recreational property of your own. It might have quality wildlife on it, or it might be near good public hunting lands, or both.

Contact one of the experts in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network – they are extremely knowledgeable about how to tie your love for hunting with a property that will work well for you.

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