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How to get your land ready to sell

When Potlatch sells a piece of recreational property, buyers can have confidence the land has been well maintained. So what can other sellers learn from Potlatch’s long history of land sales? It’s this: if you’re thinking about selling a piece of property, planning ahead is important.

And now, when many are thinking ahead to the next hunting season and the coming spring and summer months, now may be the best time to do this planning while winter has its final blasts throughout the country.

Sellers who’ve managed their property well, or have hired a property manager to oversee the acreage, will find that this approach pays off. And they probably won’t need to spend too much time or money on cleanup work before listing the property, says Mark Knight, a Potlatch Preferred Broker in Arkansas.

Here are some things to think about from Knight as you get ready to sell your property:

  • Allow time to gather the information your broker will need. This includes deeds and insurance policies.
  • Downed trees on access roads need to be removed.
  • Existing roads to the property should be opened.
  • Brush piles need to be cleaned up.
  • Fences should be in good repair.
  • If the land features food plots for hunting, make sure they’re well maintained.

Similar to getting a house ready for sale, touches like fences in good repair make the land more attractive to potential buyers. Also, before listing, keep in mind the time of year that your property looks most attractive. For example, pasture land might look best in the spring and treed acreage might be at its finest in the fall.

However, Knight stresses the most important thing is making sure buyers can easily access the property. That’s why roads in good condition are vital. “You want the buyer to be able to show up and see as much of the land as possible,” he says.

A Potlatch Preferred Broker is experienced in all aspects of real estate and can guide you through the process of selling or buying property.  To find out more, visit the Potlatch website or call a Potlatch broker – they’ll help you have success in the marketplace.

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