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Duck Hunting Season Warms Up

As marshes start to freeze on the Canadian prairie, it’s time for waterfowl to begin their southern migration. And as duck hunters to the south get ready, it looks to be a promising season this year around the U.S.

huntducksarkansas.duckblind2_350x236Duck hunters joke that their motto is to “never pin your hopes on a migratory bird,” but scientists say that breeding levels look good in 2013 for a sport that is becoming more widely known, reflected by the popularity of the wacky TV hit “Duck Dynasty.”

Seven of the 10 most common species have remained at similar levels to last year. And of particular importance to hunters, mallards had a breeding population of 10.4 million birds in the traditional survey area, essentially unchanged from the 2012 estimate and 36 percent above the long-term average.

In Arkansas, Jim Knox, office manager for Davis Dubose Knight Forestry and Real Estate, a Potlatch Preferred Broker, can’t wait for the Nov. 23 start of duck season. “It’s always wait and see,” he said of this time of year. The peak duck-hunting season in his area is usually from late December to early January.

Meanwhile, in Idaho and Minnesota, the other states where Potlatch sells recreational real estate, the season has already begun for ducks, and for other game, such as deer and turkey.

For details on the waterfowl forecast in your favorite hunting spot, click here.  And to learn how you could own Potlatch property that could set you up near duck hunting areas, visit

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