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Cross-Country Skiing – A Good Sport for Anyone

With much of the North covered with snow, it’s a great time to think about taking up cross-country skiing.

It’s a sport that has advantages for people of all ages. It’s a relatively inexpensive sport to get into, since trail passes tend to be cheaper than the lift passes you must buy to do downhill skiing at a resort. And there are opportunities in many areas to affordably rent cross-country skis so you can try out the sport.

“Cross-country skiing is extremely popular in many parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and other northern states, and it’s easy to see why,” says Phil Hyde of Bear Island Land Co., a Potlatch Preferred Broker in Ely, Minnesota.

“It’s a wonderful way to get exercise in the winter and something many folks who live in northern Minnesota look forward to for a change of pace,” says Phil, who lives within reach of a number of cross-country skiing trails. “And, even better? You can see some beautiful scenery in the process.”

 If you don’t know much about how to get started, a good resource is the Cross-Country Ski Areas Association, which has an informational Q&A on its website, along with a searchable list of areas around the country where you can cross-country ski.

Among the answers you will find:

  • People of any fitness level can cross-country ski, and children as young as 5 can take lessons.
  • Picking a location for your outing should include considering everything from whether you need to rent equipment to whether you want to stay onsite or near the trail.
  • It’s best to wear synthetics and wool, as opposed to cotton, which absorbs and holds moisture.

Many of Potlatch’s recreational properties are located within easy reach of quality cross-country skiing trails, part of the reason the properties offer opportunities for year-round recreation.

And now is a good time to start your property search. Contact any of our Potlatch Preferred Brokers – they are your best resource for buying a property that will be a great fit for all your outdoor recreational needs.

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