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Common Sense for the Winter Cold…Weather

Getting caught in the woods aAlturasLakeTrails near Stanley ID_onlines frigid weather hits without proper clothes and provisions is no fun.

So with the winter cold officially here and sweeping the country, we asked two veteran outdoorsmen – Potlatch real estate managers Jim Lemieux and Ben Ballard – to offer some tips for enjoying the outdoors in the winter:


TIP #1: Dress appropriately, and layered clothing is a key. “Even if it’s wicked cold, if you don’t dress right you could get extremely sweaty if you don’t dress correctly, which would make it even worse,” Ben says.

TIP #2: Prepare for the unexpected. Something could conceivably go wrong – roads might get washed out, or your truck could break down – and you may not get home that night. So to make sure you would be comfortable in your pickup, bring an extra jacket, sleeping bag, and an emergency shelter blanket.

TIP #3: Use technology to your advantage. If you use your cell phone or tablet for your map, you have the best chance of figuring out a reverse route. And bring a mobile charger to make sure your devices don’t run out of power.

TIP #4: Let someone know where you are going. If a loved one or friend knows you are expected back at a certain time and you don’t show up, a quick call to emergency authorities could be critical in bringing you help.

TIP #5: If the weather is looking tough, don’t go. “Wait for a better opportunity,” Jim says. “It isn’t worth it to try to still get in the woods when conditions are difficult. That is no fun for anyone.”

Curlew Boat Ramp - Anderson Ranch Reservoir. Photo credit: Melanie Schell
Curlew Boat Ramp – Anderson Ranch Reservoir.
Photo credit: Melanie Schell

TIP #6: Help your entire family be prepared. In addition to checking your own vehicle, make sure other family members’ vehicles have cold weather gear, a shovel, and food rations.


Jim and Ben are constantly in the woods, showing real estate and checking out properties. And by watching the weather, using technology and being smart, they make sure no one is in danger as they help real estate buyers seek out the recreational property of their dreams. Thanks for the tips guys!

And, please – everyone – stay warm and safe out there.

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