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You’ve Bought a Recreational Property. Now what?

Once you’ve purchased a recreational property, the fun begins. And if you’ve done your homework with the help of an experienced real estate broker, there should be no surprises.

So now that you are a property owner, what should you do next? The Realtors Land Institute website offers six ideas of things to do first. Among them: Make sure your boundaries are clearly marked. Take the time to get to know the property as you start making plans for building a cabin or making other improvements.

But perhaps the most important tip is to take the time to meet your neighbors, because a productive relationship with them will be important in the years ahead.

Knowing your neighbors can be helpful in working together to make the area more attractive to wildlife. Having a personal relationship with them will also be extremely important if questions ever come up about access or property lines.

After all, while people certainly like the privacy that comes with having their own recreational property, it could be fun to invite your neighbors along for your next outdoor adventure.

For questions about owning recreational property, the brokers in Potlatch’s Preferred Broker Network are great resources. And whether you want to buy now or in the future, they can help you get started.




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