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Using your Deer Stand Properly


Here’s an alarming statistic: According to a study of tree stand accidents in seven states, nearly one in 10 of the falls resulted in death. That’s because such falls are usually from significant heights – the ones included in the study averaged 17 feet each.

These statistics, compiled from the 2010-2015 hunting seasons by the Tree Stand Safety Awareness organization, are enough to get anyone’s attention. So how do you make sure you aren’t the next statistic?

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A recent story posted on the Quality Deer Management Association’s website does a good job of detailing things to think about. And as deer hunting seasons get started around the country, this is a good time to think about the safety of your stands.

Here are three highlights of the safety tips in the story:

  • Check your stands for cracks in the metal or welds, and for wear and tear on the chains, cables or straps that hold the stand on the tree.
  • As you set up your stands, make sure you are choosing live trees to hang the stands on, and remember to use a safety harness as you set up each stand.
  • A safety harness is also essential for when you use your stand. It’s also important that you be in your harness as you get in and out of the stand – that’s when accidents often occur.

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