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Tips for Picking a Great Spot for your Cabin

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Picking the perfect site for a cabin on your recreational property can sometimes be simple, with one spot coming to mind right away as the obvious choice.

But many properties have multiple possibilities for cabin sites, and there’s a lot to think about as you consider the best place to build. An article in offers some key things to think about in your decision-making process. Here are some highlights:

  • The topography of the site is critical, of course. Certainly, consider whether building on a slope makes sense as opposed to picking a flatter area. But also consider other details. Is there ground water on the site? What about access? And does a site have special qualities, like a beautiful stand of trees or a view?
  • Think about what direction the cabin should face. In many parts of the country, a southern exposure can maximize sunlight, but in some areas of the South where heat is a concern, that may not be ideal. Also, in the North, consider how and where snow will come off the roof.
  • Be intentional as you plan to keep or plant trees around the cabin site. Beyond providing shade, trees in the right locations can help block the wind and weather, and can offer privacy from your neighbors.
  • Be aware of all applicable zoning regulations that might impact your decision, such as setbacks for a cabin and ordinances that might limit the types of properties that can be built on the site.

The recreational property real estate experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you figure out answers to all these questions as you are factoring a potential cabin site into your buying decision.

They have years of experience that help them understand how to know the unique qualities of a site, and have deep relationships with other experts who can help with specific planning or design needs. Call one of our experts today to help you with your property search.


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