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This is a good time to ask permission to hunt on private land

No matter where you hunt – whether it’s on your own property, on public land, or on land you’re leasing – it’s always a good idea to see if you can expand your options by hunting on nearby properties.

If that nearby property is privately owned, you might assume that it isn’t available to you. But as the old saying goes, you won’t know unless you ask. And the summer’s a great time to investigate possibilities, with the fall hunting season right around the corner.

On the Petersen’s Hunting website, John Barsness gives some good tips for asking permission to hunt on private land. Among them:

  • Be patient as you look for the right person to talk to about a certain piece of property. Knocking on the door of a home on the property is a good start, but that may just be the start of the process as you figure out who has the rights to the property.
  • Private landowners often like to have help in controlling unwanted wildlife on their properties, whether it’s predators or a large deer population. This can work to your advantage if you help with that problem while you hunt on the property.
  • Look the part as you visit a property owner, so you don’t look like a hunting rookie.
  • Be gracious as you talk to a property owner. Learn what’s important to the owner, and see if there are ways you can honor the owner’s wishes if you are allowed to hunt on their property.

As you determine your hunting options, it’s great to own your own piece of recreational property to have as a home base. The experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network are the folks to help you start your search. Contact one today, so you can have your own spot for this fall’s hunting season!

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