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Takeaways from the 2021 Deer Season as you plan 2022

Mike Hanback, Blogger - Indiana Deer Hunt 2021

Mike Hanback and Will Brantley go on deer hunting expeditions all over the country for their jobs as hunting bloggers for Realtree.

They have some insightful takeways from the 2021 deer hunting season that can be helpful for deer hunters starting to plan their 2022 hunts. Here are four takeways that stood out:

  • Warmer fall weather seems here to stay, so hunters need to make the best of it. So how do you do that? One tip: Be obsessive about knowing the weather to come, so you’re ready if a front blows in. When that happens and the temperature drops, you can bet that deer will be on the move.
  • The rutting moon is an occurrence to mark on your hunting planning calendar. Hanback, who has had good success in hunting when the moon is full during the rut, notes that the week of November 8 will be promising for hunters in 2022.
  • Hunters often talk about the importance of not allowing a buck to get your scent while you’re in a stand, but make sure you stay out of sight, too. It might seem like you need to have your head on a swivel, but be sure you’re paying attention to what’s happening in all directions so you aren’t spotted.
  • The late rut has proven to be very fruitful for the bloggers on their hunts, and between that and the fact that bucks aren’t moving around during the day like they used to, hunting opportunities can be few and far between. This speaks to the need for planning and preparation before the hunt, and for being ready for the right moment to shoot.

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