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Visiting a Property in Person is Important

Going online is certainly important when buying recreational land for sale, whether it’s reviewing photos of the site, looking into nearby spots for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking or boating, or learning more about the wildlife in the area. But it’s still important to visit a property before you make an offer, unless you’re a… more Visiting a Property in Person is Important

Your Site Visit…visiting in person is important

In an indication of how much business is done online these days, brokers in PotlatchDeltic’s Preferred Broker Network are sometimes asked whether it’s important to visit a recreational property before considering an offer. “Along with using maps, photos, videos and other tools, it’s a good idea to see the property for yourself if you can,… more Your Site Visit…visiting in person is important

Ready to explore property?

Start with these Site Visit Safety Tips… Prospective property buyers are often looking for land off the beaten track. And savvy Potlatch recreational real estate brokers understand the importance of site visit safety when showing buyers property out in the woods. Preferred Potlatch Broker, Pete Prutzman of Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc. – Arkadelphia, AR office,… more Ready to explore property?

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