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It’s still Winter in many parts of Potlatch country with Spring poking its head through the snow and ice.  New outdoor activities are getting underway from fishing and turkey hunts to camping. In this issue, meet members of our team and learn some fun facts, explore Arkansas as we take a tour though “The Natural… more Read all about it in our latest newsletter!

How to sell your land…sale or auction?

In our ongoing series about Things to Consider when Selling Land, we posted last week about how to get your land ready for sale.  As you’re doing that, bet you’re thinking about what comes next??    You’ll have to decide how to sell it – by conventional sale or at auction. A good starting point is… more How to sell your land…sale or auction?

How to get your land ready to sell

When Potlatch sells a piece of recreational property, buyers can have confidence the land has been well maintained. So what can other sellers learn from Potlatch’s long history of land sales? It’s this: if you’re thinking about selling a piece of property, planning ahead is important. And now, when many are thinking ahead to the… more How to get your land ready to sell

BROKER SPOTLIGHT: Bear Island Land Co.

After years of working as a land surveyor for the U.S. Forest Service, Charlie Chernak knew what he wanted to do: start a real estate company. He already dabbled in real estate, so he figured why not focus on selling property to other northeastern Minnesota folks who share his passions for hunting, fishing and the… more BROKER SPOTLIGHT: Bear Island Land Co.

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