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News. Trends. Helpful tips. Personal stories. If it’s about the recreational lifestyle – hunting, fishing, camping – anything outdoors, we’ll share it. Have a story to share with us? Recently purchased a PotlatchDeltic property? Just bagged the buck that you’ve been watching all season? We’d love to share your stories too. Email us

Picking a property you can use all year long

Most recreational land buyers have some idea of how they’d like to use their property. Snow enthusiasts might want to snowmobile or Nordic ski. Fishermen hope to catch their limit, and ATV riders want to have access to trails. Still, there may also be other activities you want to do on your land. So with… more Picking a property you can use all year long

How will you use YOUR recreational property?

When you’re looking for recreational property, it’s important that you think about how you are going to use it. Are you going to hunt? Will you be bringing the kids regularly? Do you plan to build a second home on the property? “There are so many choices in properties, you want to focus on finding… more How will you use YOUR recreational property?

Exploring recreational property with GPS

by Rod Osterloh, Close~Converse, Minnesota Only a few years ago, it was rare to have a client ask for the coordinates to a property. But now, it’s one of the most requested pieces of  information when we talk to those interested in buying land. A Global Positioning System (GPS) is no longer considered a “rich… more Exploring recreational property with GPS

Location, location, location?

Consider your lifestyle as well as the activities that you and your family will enjoy when on your property.  Will it only be for hunting?  Is fishing, boating, or other activities important?  Is it important to be near a town or restaurants and other conveniences? After you determine location, how much land do you require?… more Location, location, location?

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