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The Importance of Property Surveys

Most land transactions rely on a survey, which determines the parameters of the parcel being bought or sold. A correct survey is important to assure that all parties involved have a sense of security and buyers are clear in what they are purchasing. For sellers, we recommend a current survey to make sure there aren’t… more The Importance of Property Surveys

How to Prepare for the Land Closing Process

By Pete Prutzman, Kingwood Forestry Services – Arkansas In general, recreational property and timberland sales are usually simpler to close than residential sales. There are rarely any structures or other improvements, so there are no utility bills to pro-rate, no termite policies to buy and no mortgage insurance, among other things. And many timberland tracts currently… more How to Prepare for the Land Closing Process

Want to live on your rural property?

Water, power, sewer, zoning & more.  Here are some tips. Much of the Potlatch property we sell in our area of Minnesota tends to be used only for hunting. But on occasion we have buyers who are looking for property where they can eventually build a home. While the construction costs are much less than… more Want to live on your rural property?

Five Tips for Recreational Property Buyers

Check out Potlatch Preferred Broker Rod Osterloh’s column on Land Think!         Rod Osterloh Close~Converse 

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