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Hunting Gear Must-Haves for Beginners

Planning to go on your first hunt? Whether you’re planning to go guided elk hunting or deer hunting this fall, your choice of hunting gear can make or break your trip. Apart from your choice of hunting weapon, here are 4 essential pieces of hunting gear for beginners: Hunting Clothes and Visibility VestThe right hunting… more Hunting Gear Must-Haves for Beginners

Buying the Right Hunting Rifle

PICKING THE RIGHT RIFLE WILL HELP YOU GET RESULTS THIS DEER SEASON As hunters get ready to go into the woods this fall, it’s a good time to think about what type of rifle is best for you. The Realtree website offers some solid tips designed for those new to hunting, though they may be… more Buying the Right Hunting Rifle

Gear Up! Time to Get Ready for Fall Hunting.

As the fall hunting season draws closer, it’s a great time to go through your gear, do some research on your favorite hunting areas, and take steps to make sure you are ready. A roundup of tips in a story on the website lists some obvious things to think about, like checking your equipment… more Gear Up! Time to Get Ready for Fall Hunting.

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