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State-by-State: Here’s How the 2022 Hunting Season Looks

PHOTO CREDIT: Stan Tekiela/Getty Images/Outdoor Life

The outlook for fall deer hunting is bright in the five states where PotlatchDeltic sells recreational property. As described in a state-by-state season outlook on the Outdoor Life website, deer populations are extremely healthy in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Here’s a rundown of how things are looking in the five states:

Alabama: Whitetail deer are abundant throughout the state, and the age structure of bucks in the annual harvest appears to be increasing.

Arkansas: The percentage of older bucks harvested in the state remains high, with greater than 65 percent of bucks harvested being 3.5 years old or older.

Idaho: A mild 2020-21 winter in northern Idaho, where the bulk of the whitetail deer live, bodes well for quality hunting opportunities this fall.

Louisiana: On private land, 84 percent of bucks taken are 2.5 years old or older, and 41 percent are 4.5 or older. That harvest age structure has been stable in recent years and will likely continue this year.

Mississippi: The deer harvest in the state has reached levels in recent years not seen in nearly two decades. Also, Mississippi continues to rank in the top three states nationally for the highest percent of mature bucks in the harvest.

There’s no better place than PotlatchDeltic to look for a tract to buy for your very own home base for hunting and other activities. As we move into fall, it’s a good time to contact one of the recreational property experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network to start your search.

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