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Southern States Anticipate Promising Spring Turkey Season Despite Challenges

Strut Report by Stephanie Mallory

Turkey hunting is a popular activity in the southern United States, where wild turkey populations are abundant. Each southern state has its own regulations regarding turkey hunting, including season dates, bag limits, and hunting methods.

In general, spring is the most popular time for turkey hunting in the south. Spring turkey season typically begins in late March or early April and can run through May or June, depending on the state. During this time, male turkeys, or toms, are actively seeking mates and will often respond to calls from hunters.

According to this Strut Report by Stephanie Mallory, although the South Florida and Mississippi hunters had been experiencing frustration with henned-up, silent birds earlier in March, the ‘gobbling action’ seems to improving throughout the rest of the southern states.

Phillip Culpepper, host of Hunt Club and Spring Thunder tried his luck again in Florida and had a bit more luck than the week prior. “They were still henned-up, but talked once you got in pretty tight,” Culpepper said. “It’s getting better by the day, it seems,” he said.

With the rest of the south season beginning to start now through the end of April, many hunters are anticipating a good season especially with the weather warming up. Tyler Jordan and Michael Pitts are gearing up for some good activity in Georgia. Pitts noted that Georgia has had some strange weather with hot then cold temperatures which has caused the birds to remain grouped together, but the outlook is good with the steady rise in temperatures.

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