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Six Hunting Blogs with Great Information

A key to success for any deer hunter is information. And even though the fall is months away, serious hunters are getting ready now, checking their gear, planning trips, and in the case of hunters we work with, looking for a recreational property to buy as their home base.

There are so many questions to consider in planning your hunting activities. For example: Where are the best hunting spots in my state? What gear should I buy now to be ready for my fall hunting trips? And how can I put the off-season to the best use?

With this in mind, we offer a list of six excellent hunting blogs compiled by the folks at, which can help you start setting some website bookmarks:

  1. For those new to deer hunting, the Deer Hunting Guide on the website is a good place to get grounded on the basics.
  2. The blogs on the site are wide-ranging, with tips on everything from cooking tips, to a gear guide, to a look at when the rut will peak in different parts of the country.
  3. The website has a rich selection of blog posts, videos and podcasts, giving you the option to get information a number of ways.
  4. The Nine Finger Chronicles podcast on the website combines tips with compelling stories told by hunters.
  5. Jeff’s Deer Blog on the website has plenty of hunting tips, but it also has excellent information for landowners looking to improve the quality of hunting on their properties.
  6. The Urban Deer Complex 2.0 blog post is aimed to meet the needs of hunters who live closer to suburban and urban areas.

Also, for information on hunting, outdoor recreation, and buying recreational land, our PotlatchDeltic blog is a good spot to visit regularly. We enjoy passing along helpful tips, with the goal of helping outdoors enthusiasts buy a place for their hunting excursions.

The spring is a great time to start the process of finding the right recreational property for your needs, so you’ll be all set for the fall hunting season. Contact one of the recreational property sales experts in our PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network if you’d like to learn more

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