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Should you Buy Improved or Unimproved Recreational Property?

Every recreational land buyer will have to answer a key question: Should you buy a property that has improvements like an access road and power, or would you rather purchase an unimproved tract that will require putting in those features later?

Getting to the best answer for you requires some thought; it’s important to understand the advantages of improved recreational properties vs. unimproved properties, so you can determine which type of property will best fit your needs.

Our company, PotlatchDeltic, sells both improved and unimproved recreational properties, and we’ve seen more and more interest in improved properties. In North Central Idaho, our sales pace has more than doubled over the past year for 6 to 20-acre properties that have improvements like roads, water, internet connectivity and power. To see the advantages of each purchase type, check out this article written by Ben Ballard, PotlatchDeltic’s Senior Real Estate Manager in Idaho.

If this decision-making process seems a bit complicated, it doesn’t have to be. The key is to work with a real estate expert who specializes in recreational land for sale. This expert will be invaluable during the sales process and provide beneficial input as you think about such things as making sure a property has legal access, identifying the location on the property for a quality homesite, or determining the quality of a tract’s wildlife and timber.  Members of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you as you seek out recreationally distanced land buying options, from site visit through closing. Contact the broker nearest where you’re interested in taking the next step toward buying.



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