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PotlatchDeltic States Rate Well for Deer Hunting

Many of the land buyers looking in the states where PotlatchDeltic sells recreational property are deer hunters, and it’s good to know the quality of the hunting in each state.

One of the best state-by-state roundups we’ve seen out there is a deer hunting grading report done by Realtree’s Antler Nation a year ago.

PotlatchDeltic’s recreational-land-sales states fared well overall in the roundup: Idaho earned an A grade, while Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi were given Bs, and Alabama and Minnesota came in with Cs.

Here is how Realtree describes its grading methodology: “The Antler Nation grade was determined the old-fashioned way: subjectively. Our experts looked at whitetail populations, hunter numbers, bag limits, the ease and cost of getting a license, the amount of public land available and other factors when evaluating each state.”

Some comments about the deer hunting in each of the PotlatchDeltic states from Realtree:

  • Idaho (A): “Idaho has one of the strongest populations of whitetails in the West, and the state is about 70% public ground. It’s a very appealing option for the DIY hunter. … The state’s quality buck production per hunter rivals many of the more traditional whitetail destinations.”
  • Arkansas (B): “The Arkansas wildlife managers do it right in The Natural State. Diversity is key when it comes to deer management. Officials try to provide both quantity and quality. … They also manage specific sections and properties for better quality animals.”
  • Louisiana (B): “Louisiana is not known as a deer hunting hotspot, but it’s getting better. However, it does offer a good opportunity for success, especially for residents or others with access to private land, or those who’ve spent time scouting the state’s abundant public lands.”
  • Mississippi (B): “The ratio of deer-to-hunters is extremely favorable. Plus, there are many older-age-class deer roaming the Magnolia State. … A recent report indicated Mississippi ranks No. 1 in the nation for the percentage of 3 1/2-year-old and older bucks in the deer harvest.”
  • Alabama (C): “Despite some misconceptions about the lack of quality deer produced on Alabama’s public lands, nearly 48% of the antlered bucks killed on WMAs during the 2019-20 hunting season were 3½ years old and older. That’s exciting news for hunters willing to put in the time and effort to scout and hunt.”
  • Minnesota (C): “From the plains of southwestern Minnesota, to the big woods in northern counties, this state offers plenty of diversity. Terrain varies greatly from one region to the next. Too bad we can’t grade it better than a C.”

PotlatchDeltic sells appealing recreational properties that can be a great home base for deer hunting and other outdoor activities. Contact one of the experts in our Preferred Broker Network to start your land search today.


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