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Outdoor Recreation is Good for You!

Like the outdoors itself, the benefits of outdoor recreation are endless.

In a recent article, Dr. Andrew Lepp, assistant professor of recreation, park and tourism management at Kent State, says that outdoor recreation provides many benefits.

In addition to helping lower blood pressure and improving overall fitness, time spent playing in green spaces is associated with improved mental health, prevention of or reduced stress, more creativity, and an increased sense of adventure. Getting outdoors also creates the opportunity to bond with like-minded people who enjoy the same activities.

Outdoor recreation also helps support the economy and drives awareness of important conservation issues. Responsible use of public lands helps make people care about what happens to these places.  Research suggests that when kids play outdoors, it leads to greater environmental awareness later in life, and to greater productivity at work for adults.

Whether you are looking to buy a property for you and your family’s outdoor recreational enjoyment, are looking for a property for the next hunting season or want to build your next home on your own 40 acres, start your land search today. PotlatchDeltic has a tremendous variety of properties available.

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