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Not Too Early to Get Ready for Fall Hunting

It may be the dead of summer, but for Shawn Sunnarborg and other avid deer hunters, it isn’t too soon to start getting ready for the fall hunting season.

Shawn, Lake States Real Estate Manager for PotlatchDeltic, has had a hunting camp with his brothers and some friends for years near his home in the northern Minnesota town of Cloquet. And when deer season hits in November, he’ll be prepared.

The main thing he’s doing now to get ready is shooting in a trap league every week, keeping his skills sharp. “The more you shoot, the more comfortable you become with it,” he says. “If you don’t pick up a gun until September, you might lose a step.”

When fall approaches, he recommends hunters also think about doing these four activities:

  1. Sight your rifles as the hunting season draws closer. And go ahead and set up targets at your hunting camp so you can get plenty of practice in.
  2. If you need to buy new hunting clothes, focus on getting quality items, even if they cost more. That way, you won’t have to buy new clothes every couple of years.
  3. Check the deer stands in your hunting areas, from the ladders to the stands themselves. Conditions can change from season to season, so make sure your stand is safe.
  4. Take the time to explore new hunting areas, knowing that it’s important to be able to find spots where other hunters aren’t trampling the woods around you.

Shawn’s hunting camp is 40 acres, but is surrounded by thousands of acres of public lands in St. Louis County, so he can roam far beyond his property’s boundaries in search of bucks. It’s a formula that works for many PotlatchDeltic recreational land buyers, who understand that hunting doesn’t have to be confined to their acreage alone.

And while he and his family and friends love to hunt – his brothers also like to hunt partridge, and some of his friends enjoy turkey hunting – the camaraderie is his favorite part.

“There’s nothing like being in a hunting camp on a beautiful night with your friends, playing cards and having a cold beer,” he says.

Ready to have your own home base for hunting season? Call one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network, each an expert that can help you buy a property that will put you in the middle of the action this fall.

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