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HUNTING TIPS: Stay scent-free with advance planning


We’ve been asking the recreational property experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker for deer hunting tips, and Tom Smith of Tom Smith Land and Homes in Ridgeland, Mississippi has three strong recommendations:

  • Hunters can spend hundreds of dollars on scent killers and enhancers for their clothing, but the secret to keeping your clothes scent-free is to store your clothes in a large zip bag or trash bag. Then, the night before your hunt, place a couple of branches from a pine tree or other native species inside the bag.  This scent will be 100 percent natural and better than any store-bought scent you can find.

  • Hunters absolutely love their hot piping coffee in the deer stand –  so much that they’ll carry a fresh brewed batch in their thermos to the stand. But remember, we can all smell fresh coffee in the morning, and so can the deer.   To help control the smell, take a couple of sheets of saran wrap, rubber bands and a straw with you to the stand and cover your coffee as soon as you pour it and stick a straw through the saran wrap. Enjoy your coffee and your hunt.

  • We all hear of hunters being injured from falling from stands or shooting houses. The biggest culprit causing this is wet, muddy steps and boots. To be safe, stop by your local auto parts store and get a can of rubberized undercoating spray, then spray the steps of your ladder stand or shooting house. Better to be safe than sorry!

Smith is an expert in finding the right hunting properties for buyers in his neck of the woods, as are the other pros in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network. Call one of our brokers today to get your land-buying process started.

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