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Hunting Season questions? Go to the source.

No matter the wildlife, where you hunt or how you hunt – you may have questions.  Start with the state organizations who manage it all.  Stay up to date on all the latest with these quick links.  AND – don’t forget to check weather conditions, hunting regulations and news before you head out.  Be safe and have fun!

huntducksarkansas.duckblind2_350x236_BLP0028in_spring_we_strut_in_fall_we_rut_vinyl_hunting_decal__64352ALABAMA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

ARKANSAS Game & Fish Commission 

IDAHO Fish & Game Commission

MINNESOTA Department of Natural Resources

MISSISSIPPI Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

WISCONSIN Department of Natural Resources

And if you are interested in another US state or Canada, start your search here.






  • I am planning on hunting in the Pierce, Idaho area from November 11th through the 14th for White Tail Deer.
    Do I need an access permit to be on Potlatch property?
    If so, where can I purchase one, and what is the cost for a week there?
    (Thank you in advance)

    Larry Stokes-McCall,Id.

    • Hi Larry & thanks for your email! We do require a recreation permit for each person to hunt, as well as, a permit for your vehicle and ATV if you have one. Here’s a link to all of the information you’ll need and the application – There is also a rate calculator there that you can use…I calculated the cost of you had one vehicle and two people in your party – $66 plus tax. Looks like it could take a couple days’ lead time needed too. If you have any questions, please email – that’s a direct email to the team that handles Idaho permits.

      Hope you have a great hunt! If you’d like to share photos – you can post here or share with us on our Facebook page @ http://www.fb/com/PotlatchLandandHunt.

    • Hi Bert! We sent you and email yesterday about Arkansas hunting land and leases for 2016. Please let us know if you need more information & thanks for contacting us! Happy hunting.

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