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Hunting Gear Must-Haves for Beginners

Planning to go on your first hunt?

Whether you’re planning to go guided elk hunting or deer hunting this fall, your choice of hunting gear can make or break your trip.

Apart from your choice of hunting weapon, here are 4 essential pieces of hunting gear for beginners:

  1. Hunting Clothes and Visibility Vest
    The right hunting clothes and boots will be critical to the success of your hunting trip. Weather poses a serious risk to hunters; you’ll need high quality, comfortable boots and clothing to stay in the woods longer.  Even if you’re fully decked in camo, always wear a high visibility vest on top. The bright colors will make you stand out like a sore thumb, making it easier for your fellow hunters to spot you or find your location in case you get lost.
  2. Quality Hunting Backpack
    Your backpack will be your most important hunting companion, so make sure to invest in something that meets the demands of your hunt. Quality hunting backpacks don’t come cheap, but they are lightweight, versatile, and comfortable — allowing you to walk long distances with minimal fatigue. The right hunting backpack will fit you like a glove. If you’re planning to buy one, ask an expert to help you choose the best size and model for your frame.
  3. A Good Pair of Binoculars
    Even with perfect eyesight, you’ll need a reliable pair of binoculars to spot the terrain and locate your prey from miles away. In fact, it’s the most crucial piece of equipment for long-range rifle hunts. Shopping for binoculars can be overwhelming for a newbie, as they come in various sizes and models, but a bit of research should help steer you in the right direction. You don’t have to get the most powerful pair, but it pays to invest in something high quality.
  4. Reliable Hunting GPS Unit
    Thousands of people get lost in the woods every year, so it’s essential to know where you’re going and where you are exactly when on a hunting trip. If maps and compasses aren’t your cup of tea, a hunting GPS unit can take your hunting experience to the next level. GPS devices are very useful in identifying public and private lands and can make navigating the outdoors relatively easy for new hunters.

Hunting can be a fun and exciting way to reconnect with nature, but you will not be able to fully relish the experience without the proper hunting gear and equipment.

About the Guest Column Author
Maren McReynolds is the Content Marketing Director of Black Mountain Outfitters, a company that offers world-class guided hunts in New Mexico, Arizona, and South Dakota. When not working, she spends time swimming with her two kids and giving back to the community.

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