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Hunting During the Rut Takes Planning

A buck lip curling during the early rut. Image by Rich Waite

It’s a glorious time of the year for deer hunters, as the weather gets colder and the rut kicks in around the country. Bucks are chasing does, so they are on the move – always a good thing for a successful hunting trip.

As you make your plans, it’s important to know that the rut comes in phases, and that each phase requires a different hunting strategy. Realtree lays out some tips and strategy for each phase of the rut in an excellent blog post.

  • During the “seeking” phase, which runs into the beginning of November, it’s smart to keep focusing on bedding areas and nearby spots.
  • Then, as the rut kicks in with the “chasing” phase in early November, it’s time to set up along trails and to be more aggressive with calling and rattling.
  • And as the rut starts to wind down with the “tending” phase, getting a shot at a buck is certainly more challenging, but not impossible. Heading back to bedding areas is the best bet.

At PotlatchDeltic, we specialize in selling recreational properties that work as a home base for your deer hunting trips and a host of other outdoor activities for you and your family.

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