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Hunters and Landowners Both Benefit from Hunting Leases

Hunting Leases – what you need to know. Have a listen as Preferred Broker J.D. Neeley of Neeley Forestry Service – United Country Real Estate​ shares valuable information with AFA host Seth Stephenson and explains how a lease is a benefit for both hunters and landowners alike.

Thanks to the Arkansas Forestry Association/AFA Education Foundation​ for these great podcasts and useful information!

Interested in finding out more about PotlatchDeltic Leases?  Click here.  And, if your leasing interest turns to a buying interest, be sir to visit to see all of our currently available recreational properties.


    • Hi Shawn! Thanks your question about a recreational land lease in Arkansas. You can find out all you’d like to know about the land we have available for lease at our leasing website – click here > Once you get there, you’ll see “Search Properties” in the main navigation – click on that and choose VIEW ON MAP. There, you can zoom in on the area/state you’re interested in and see all leases. There’s also a FAQ section which will let you know what’s permissible on your lease. The inventory varies by season and only currently available leases will be showing. So, if you do not find something now in the area you’re interested in, please check back next season for new leases.

      If your hunt for recreational property changes from a leasing interest to a buying interest, please drop us an email ( and we’ll be happy to connect you with one of our preferred brokers. You can see properties that are available for sale at along with contact information for all the brokers in our Preferred Network.

      If you do have any specific questions about a lease, new opportunities or even the website itself, you can contact our support team at 980-430-6154 or send an email to them,

      If we can direct you further or provide any additional help, please let us know ( – be happy to assist. Happy hunting!

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