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Helpful Tips for First-Time Recreational Land Buyers

If you’re buying recreational land for the first time, you’ve quickly realized that this is much different than buying a home. In fact, the prospect of checking out different properties and making a good buying decision may seem a bit overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be, though. First, connect with an experienced real estate expert who specializes in rural and recreational property, like the pros in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network. They will walk you through the process and will help you learn what you should look for as you figure out which property is right for you.

Our friends at United Country Real Estate wrote an excellent blog post a few years ago with seven tips for first-time buyers, and they still ring true today. Here’s a summary:

First, a property needs to be in a location that will be convenient for you, particularly if you plan on going there for weekend excursions. Then, as you narrow down potential tracts, you’ll want to look at the layout of each one, thinking about everything from wildlife patterns to potential spots for a campground or cabin.

For many recreational buyers, the quality of wildlife on the property will be important, so it’s critical that there be good sources of food and water. Everything from low-hanging bushes to fruit from trees and bushes can provide nourishment for whitetails. And while having water sources onsite is a bonus, availability nearby for wildlife can work, too.

Wildlife also need cover to hang out in during the day, which could be tall grasses, trees with low-lying branches or heavy brush. If you are a deer hunter, it’s also important to check carefully for signs that deer visit the property regularly.

Finally, assessing the quality of neighboring properties, and learning how they are used, is important. Do the neighbors practice Quality Deer Management? Is there public land nearby, and is that land open to hunting and other uses?

Again, figuring all this out on your own would be tough. But with a recreational land broker who knows all the ins and outs of checking out properties, it is doable.

Whether you want a hunting property, or a place for the family to hike and camp, or a place to simply get away from it all, PotlatchDeltic’s Preferred Broker Network is a great place to start. Contact one of our brokers today!

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