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Great Hunting & Fishing Tips you’re gonna wanna know!


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It’s often said that there’s no substitute for experience. But if you don’t have years of experience hunting or fishing, you can learn quickly by finding opportunities to get tips from more experienced folks.  With this in mind, the editors of Outdoor Life used their knowledge and experience to compile a list of 50 tips for hunters and fishermen.

The tips are definitely interesting, and could be helpful as you get ready to go hunting and fishing this fall. Click here for the full article!

Some of the tips have to do with the hunt. As an example, when you are going through the woods, try quick-stepping for a few yards, stopping, and then doing it again. You’ll step more lightly, and you’ll sound more like a squirrel than a heavy-stepping human.

Other tips provide ideas for taking your game out of the woods. For example, if you are hunting for deer, consider bringing a strong pole with you. If you are fortunate enough to bag a buck, tie it to the pole and carry the pole on your shoulders, sharing the load with a buddy. Bringing padding for your shoulders is an important part of this plan.

And some tips pass along some ingenious ideas for preparing game or fish. As an example, here’s an idea: Wrap a fish fillet with butter, onions and seasonings in foil, put it in the dishwasher (don’t add soap!) and run a cycle, and you have steamed fish.

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