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Flexibility is Key to a Successful Property Search

One of our own, Rick Musick of United Country Musick & Sons, on the importance of flexibility in your land hunt. ‪#‎PotlatchPreferredBroker‬, ‪#‎RecreationalLandBuyingRules‬

By the time a land buyer finds the property that works, it’s often completely different from what he or she first imagined. A buyers’ wish list will change a bit along the way. In today’s new ‪‎LandThink article, Rick Musick explains how making adjustments to your land search can be quite simple if you approach the process with an open mind and keep three things in mind. Rick Musick, is a Realtor with United Country Musick & Sons Auction and Real Estate Services. Read more – click below.

Flexibility is Key to a Successful Property Search

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