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News. Trends. Helpful tips. Personal stories. If it’s about the recreational lifestyle – hunting, fishing, camping – anything outdoors, we’ll share it. Have a story to share with us? Recently purchased a PotlatchDeltic property? Just bagged the buck that you’ve been watching all season? We’d love to share your stories too. Email us

Don’t assume you can get access to property from a neighbor

If you are looking to buy some recreational property that’s best accessed through a neighbor’s property, don’t simply assume that this will be no problem. There is a new culture of private owners around Arkansas and in other parts of the country who are no longer willing to provide free access through their land. Some… more Don’t assume you can get access to property from a neighbor

Potlatch Brokers named among America’s Best

SPRING 2012 – We congratulate four of our brokers named “America’s Best Brokerages” by the editors of The Land Report in the Spring 2012 issue. by Close Converse for the Great Lakes & Midwest Region.  NOTABLE:  Standout broker, Jody Osterloh. United Country Real Estate nationally, represented by United Country Banning Junction & Natalie Cowart… more Potlatch Brokers named among America’s Best

Location, location, location?

Consider your lifestyle as well as the activities that you and your family will enjoy when on your property.  Will it only be for hunting?  Is fishing, boating, or other activities important?  Is it important to be near a town or restaurants and other conveniences? After you determine location, how much land do you require?… more Location, location, location?

Mineral rights: Should they matter to you?

A question that we frequently get from recreational property buyers is about mineral rights, because many people don’t understand exactly what mineral rights are. Having mineral rights means that you are legally entitled to explore, extract, and sell any valuable metals or minerals that may be beneath your tract of land. In Idaho, it’s typically… more Mineral rights: Should they matter to you?

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