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Being Thoughtful with your Trail Camera Pays Off!

What’s the best way to know about the deer on your property? That’s simple: Install trail cameras in key spots, using a careful, methodical approach as you set them up.

An Outdoor Life post by Craig Dougherty walks you through things to consider as you put up your trail cameras, from deciding how many cameras to use, to using your photos as you make hunting plans.

Some of the key tips:

  • Get familiar with cameras before you put them out in the field. Use them in your yard so you can understand how to target them effectively.
  • Face cameras north when possible, to avoid sun glare, and put them 10 to 15 feet from the target area.
  • Set up one camera for every 50 to 100 acres, and look to place them in prime feeding areas or along corridors where wildlife travel back and forth.
  • Start documenting the deer early, so you will have time to figure out their habits and travel patterns as you make your plans for hunting season.
  • Study a buck’s behavior, to help determine if he is just passing through or whether you have a good chance of finding him when you head out into the woods.

Like everything else in successful hunting, planning ahead is important. And if you don’t already own a hunting property, now is a great time to think about it.

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