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A Quality Hunting Property has Good Recreational Qualities, too

Illinois Bayou, an Arkansas hunting property with other recreational potential! (Broker: DDK Forestry & Real Estate)

At PotlatchDeltic, we talk a lot about the traits of a quality hunting property, knowing that many land buyers are looking to hunt on their land.

But what if you aren’t a hunter and still want to buy a quality rural property to use as a home base for all your recreational activities?

As it turns out, a number of the features of a good hunting tract can also make a piece of property attractive for other types of recreational uses.

“It’s smart to look at a property as more than just a place to hunt, even if it has all the features of a good hunting tract,” said Mark Knight of DDK Forestry & Real Estate, a member of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network that sells recreational properties in Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. “A quality piece of land creates opportunities for recreation all year long.”

Consider these qualities that can make a property a good pick both for hunting and for general recreational uses:

  • Quality trees and different types of underbrush: Timber and underbrush at different stages of growth supply different types of food sources for wildlife, and also provide shade and beauty for recreational activities.
  • Wildlife: A wide range of wildlife is excellent for hunters, but also make for interesting sights and sounds for people living on or visiting a property.
  • Water sources: Creeks, rivers and lakes – near or on a property – supply water that attracts quality wildlife. It also provides scenic and interesting features for hiking, fishing, paddling, or just relaxing.

Whether you are looking to buy a hunting property or are interested in getting access to all kinds of recreation, PotlatchDeltic has a tremendous variety of properties available. As we head into spring, it’s a good time to start the process of buying a property you can use this summer and fall. Contact one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network to get started.

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